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Microscopic Imaging Facility

The Microscope Imaging Facility (MIF) is located in the Health Sciences Center at West Virginia University. This facility provides access to advanced biomedical imaging technology including state-of-the-art light microscopes, as well as image analysis software packages.

The Imaging core facility provides image acquisition and analysis services on a fee-per-use basis to the West Virginia University research and academic community. The facility provides individualized training for each user on the appropriate operation of the microscopes as well as downstream image analysis. The facility staff is available to help plan imaging experiments, ranging from advice on fluorophore selection to the development of new imaging routines such as FRAP or FRET for live cell experiments. The staff will collaborate more extensively with labs that have projects that are heavily dependent on microscopy. The facility will assist researchers in preparing data and methodology for publications and grant applications.


Equipment is scheduled on-line using Groupwise appointments. New users should contact the director for training. Once users are proficient on a microscope, they will be able to schedule appointments through GroupWise calendars. Each user will need to have a GroupWise account to use the scheduling calendar and for equipment sign-on. Click here for scheduling instructions and Groupwise resource names.

Resources are charged for on on actual usage, per hour basis. See the Rates section of this site for individual equipment prices and details.