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Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy

Microscopic Imaging Facility (MIF)

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Karen Martin, Scientific Director at (304) 293-6965 in Room 4015 HSN

The Image Analysis Facility is available to the West Virginia University research community. The facility provides access to advanced biomedical imaging technology including state of the art light microscopy and quantitative software applications.

To assist West Virginia University researchers in deriving quantitative data from a diverse range of image sources including electrophoresis, photomicrographs, transparencies, videotape, digital images, histological preparations and in vitro specimens. In addition, the facility assists the researcher to incorporate images and data collected for use in grant applications, publications and presentations.


Service Price
Zeiss LSM 510 $11.00/hour
Optimas Imaging $11.00/hour
Stereology and Neurolucida $11.00/hour
MagnaFire Digital Camera $11.00/hour
Fujix Pictrography Printer $4.50/print
Codonics NP1600 Printer $4.50/print
Flatbed Scanning free self service
ImageCorder Slide Maker free service *
*Requires Kodak Elite 100 Film