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Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy - Weed

Research Interests

Weed Lab

Our laboratory is currently investigating the molecular mechanisms that control cell motility, tumor cell invasion and metastasis.  We use a combination of biochemical, cell biological and animal model systems to understand how regulation of the actin cytoskeleton contributes to the formation of cellular structures involved in normal and neoplastic cell movement.  Techniques employed in our research include the use of confocal and live cell imaging with fluorescently labeled proteins, fluorescence energy transfer (FRET), design and use of phospho-specific antibodies, mass spectroscopy, ortotopic and transgenic animal models of cancer, and the preclinical testing of targeted molecular therapeutic compounds.  By utilizing multiple experimental methods we seek to further our basic understanding of cell movement in normal and transformed cells, with an end goal of identifying novel prognostic biomarkers and molecular candidates for potential therapeutic intervention strategies targeting invasion and metastasis.